I’m Ariella, and for a long time, I have been undercover as a regular suburban mom, trying to guard the secret that I am bursting with ideas and observations about the world. Recently, a good friend pointed out that I haven’t been very successful at holding it all in, which is admittedly true. So rather than continuing to have things leak out in inconvenient places, I decided to park them all here. 

Some of the things I like to write about are religion, parenting, marriage, and all forms of human connection. I’m especially interested in big collective stories that shape how we see the world, particularly because sometimes, it’s strangely easy to ignore them.

I really Wish that Blogging Were Still "A Thing"

Do you suppose that it’ll ever make a comeback the way that 70’s bellbottoms did? Maybe I’m ahead of the curve. Or maybe behind. Or maybe I just think it’s just fun to romp around the world on intellectual adventures. Join me?

On Israel: When Protests Fail

Members of the Israel government coalition voted to support judicial reforms despite 29 straight weeks of protests, wherein a large chunk of the Israeli population participated in rallies, strikes, shutdowns, marches, and other ways of making their voices not only heard meekly, but heard resoundingly.

Trouble On the Farm

We can require all the ethics classes in the world, but as long as we continue to reward people who don’t heed those lessons, it’s probably not going to budge behavior all that much.

Is the Story Really Dead?

Is there really a viable alternative to stories? Perhaps it’s really true that humans are innately primed to be persuaded, consoled, and inspired by a beginning, middle, and end.

Going Wild for Cheryl Strayed

If she thought she was teaching me about altitude and streams and trail markers, she was instead teaching me about the benefit of time and insight, as well as the gift you offer the world when you use words and sentences and grammar and craft to explain it all to the world.