Reviewer’s Corner: Save the Cat!

These 15 beats are present everywhere that there is good storytelling. Blake Snyder didn’t make the rule that stories have to be about a protagonist’s personal transformation. He simply noticed that an audience won’t feel complete unless it happens.

Madonna Celebrations Tour in SF: this is a bust

Maybe I’m just too grumpy; maybe I’m too old. I was tired, I don’t want to be up at midnight and waving my arms. Or maybe if the crowd had grown frenzied I would have too. But I don’t think so. I think you can only feel it if the performer really brings herself.

The Atlantic takes on Tech Titans?

The leaders of these companies don’t need to be despots (or demons) in order for us all to summon our collective will to make healthier, happier, and more secure online spaces.

Telling Forbidden Stories: The Life of Arno Mayer

I’m going to offer this as a bit of a conviction: Complexity is not to be feared. Nor analysis, context, reconsideration, any of it. We don’t lose the ability to morally condemn just because we have come to a more nuanced explanation.

Pauline Kael: Making Movies Better

Author portrait of Kael from the dust jacket of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1968)

Her reviews are still incredibly fun to read. She was insightful, and could offer critique that was howlingly on-point, sharp, and funny

Broken, in Pieces

So many things these days aren’t holding up well, don’t hold true even five minutes later as the world continues to shift under my feet. But here is a little snapshot of the way that my heart is broken today.

Shock and Grief: An Israel Solidarity Gathering

On Tuesday night, our local JCC hosted a gathering in solidarity for Israel. I’m not sure if it was billed as a gathering or a rally, and I’m not sure why exactly I wanted to go, but after a brutal and isolating few days, it seemed like it might feel better to be with people […]